Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a full service?

Yes. We own our own manufacturing facility and can offer a full, in-house, end-to end service.

We will sometimes use alternative, trusted and long-term partners if this will best fit your needs. We also own a dedicated, bespoke and separate warehouse for clients’ storage.

What type of exhibition stand do you cater for?

We can – and have – built every size and type of stand, from the small and simple to the large and complex.

We can build anywhere you need us to, from inside an exhibition hall to the side of a mountain! Whether it’s a one-off or a series of exhibition stands that you r enquire, we will listen to what you want to accomplish from your stand, and work closely with you to help you achieve that.

Are there any constraints on the design of the stand, set, event?

The key constraints for any stand are budget and timescale.

We will look at these, along with any design ideas you have, and be honest with you about whether the stand you want is achievable within those parameters. But a small budget needn’t mean an ordinary stand; often it can be the tighter budgets that get us thinking our most creatively. Trust our imagination and we will work with you to get the maximum impact from every square inch.

What happens to the exhibition stand, set, after the event?

Once your event is over we will be there to quickly and efficiently take down your stand or set, and can even store it for you for future events if required.

As an in-house design, manufacture and installation company we can easily accommodate the safe storage and delivery of your stand from our storage to your shows and events.

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